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We’re Amanda & Ryan and we’re the hosts of The World Wanderers podcast. We’re a traveling couple originally from Alberta, Canada with a love of exploring the world, eating great food (mostly Mexican food, if we’re being honest), learning new languages, and meeting new people. The World Wanderers podcast is a travel diary of our adventures since we started traveling together in 2011. We take you with us as we travel through Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand as 22-year old budget backpackers looking for the best party hostel. We take you with us to South America where we go through some our deepest personal transformations. We take you with us as we move to a small town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and take a massive career pivot. We take you with us to the southern US where we lived for a year. We take you through Asia as we navigate the world of ‘digital nomad life’. We take you on all our adventures in Mexico, which is the country we both feel most at home in the world. And the adventures don’t stop there. With each new place we visit, food we try, and culture that we fall in love with (or maybe don’t fall in love with), we share that with you. The evolution of how we travel has changed dramatically since the beginning, but what hasn’t changed is our love for exploring the world. Join us every other Thursday for new episodes of The World Wanderers!

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