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This episode is part of my Folklore Friday series, where I am sharing fascinating stories from Icelandic folklore on Fridays throughout 2024. This week’s tale is about a talented human midwife who ends up with a special ability after helping some elves. Please note that there is a violent act shared in this story and you may not deem it appropriate for young kids. A Talented Icelandic Midwife Is Beckoned By Elves One day, an Icelandic human midwife was approached by elves for help with a high-ranking elf that was in labor but was having complications. For those who are not aware about Icelandic elves, we can’t see them unless they allow it. It’s said that Icelandic elves live in a parallel world to us, and they can jump in between worlds. Basically, it’s a privilege if any human gets to see and/or encounter one. The midwife was rushed to help the elf in labor, and she did such a great job that they elves bestowed a gift upon her. They rubbed some ointment into one of her eyes and that gave her the ability to see the elf world. This meant she could see any elf wherever she went. Along with the gift was a warning to never reveal to anyone that she has this gift. Not surprisingly, she was giddy and excited about this new ability she was given. As time passed by, she did get used to having this special sight and did not tell anyone. An Unlucky Twist of Fate Changes the Midwife’s Life However, one fateful day she made a mistake. She saw an elf in a shop and let the elf know she could see them. The elf she spoke to was a woman and was quite shocked that a human could see her. After getting over the shock, the elf woman asked the midwife ‘With which eye can you see me?’ After the midwife answered the question, the elf woman proceeded to poke the midwife in the eye with the special ointment until she was blind. Yea, quite intense. Another version of this story that I’ve heard is that the elf woman spits in the midwife’s eye instead of poking it, which resulted in her losing her special ability. Books About Icelandic Folklore The Guardians of Iceland and other Icelandic Folk Tales Icelandic Folk Legends: Tales of Apparitions, Outlaws, and Things Unseen The Little Book of the Hidden People: Twenty Stories of Elves from Icelandic Folklore Icelandic Folk Tales Random Fact of the Episode According to the Icelandic Elf School in Reykjav’k, there are 50 different types of elves. Yes, you heard that right, there is an elf school. Icelandic Word of the Episode ‘lfheimar ‘ elf world Share This With A Friend Facebook Email Twitter Let’s Be Social Youtube Tiktok Instagram Facebook ‘akka ”r k’rlega fyrir a’ hlusta og sj’umst flj’tlega.

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