New York City has toughened up the rules for renting out your place

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Listen Now On the Saturday, March 9th edition of The Travel Guys’ In the Travel News, New York City has toughened up the rules under which you can rent out your place in The Big Apple, and hotels appear to be benefiting from the change. Plus, Costco has a great discount deal for Southwest flyers. In our Smarter Traveler segment, we discuss ‘authentic’ travel experiences. If you want authentic, be careful and do your homework. Authentic in another country might be a fried dog hanging in a shop window (Viet Nam) or cooked eel (Sweden). Maybe authentic to you is having your hotel room overlook the town square. Except if there’s a big celebration and noise continues until 4am, you might think that wasn’t the best decision. Homework. Do your homework before making any major travel purchase. Charlie Leocha from Travelers United is our guest. Charlie explains that just because Congress passes a law, it isn’t really a law until it’s written and put into effect. That can often take years and more than one administration for things to actually be enforced. Family seating and compensation for delayed bags are two examples of things Congress approved but we are still waiting for the rules to be put in place. For 6-7 years we have been waiting. Our odds and ends segment offered tips on how to resolve issues with a vacation rental, the scary thought that dynamic pricing could be coming to restaurants and there is a new tipping app to cover those folks you never seem to have a couple of bucks in your pocket to reward their services. Highlights Consumer Alert: Please stop booking trips with these ailing companies! Travelers United Tipping with the server standing right over the top of you California State Parks Parking and Use Fee info Wheelchair polices, airline by airline Uber from the airport ‘ where it costs the most How to get a digital ID Tips for driving in winter weather Say hello to the ocean on Icon of the Seas new cabins Traveler’s United Mobility Friendly Travel Guide Reports from on board the 9 month cruise Consumer Advocate Chris Elliott Is it time to mask up while traveling again? Sacramento Airport Parking Double check for things you can and can’t bring through security at the airport Carry On Bag Size Requirements TSA Renewal Seating tips for major US Airlines Denied Boarding Rules/Giving up Your Seat How to win your consumer dispute using the Elliott Method

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