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An investigator with a damaged reputation reluctantly teams up with a disgraced son of a Goddess to solve the murder of a mortal. To crack the case, they venture into the underbelly of immortal society, make deals with demigods, and risk the wrath of the powerful to expose the truth. But the pursuit of justice is rife with danger, and if they aren’t careful, they could be next on the murderer’s list. In this contemporary fantasy where humans live at the whims of Gods and Goddesses, accusing one of murder has disastrous consequences. In Season 2, Justix Iris Tharro is back with another murder to solve’ but this time, it’s Andy’s fate on the line. If she can’t prove he’s innocent of the crime, the Gods will have their vengeance. Andymion Eriki, disgraced demigod, has been blamed for a murder. Actually, make that framed. He escapes from his immortal prison to plead his case to the only person he can trust: Iris. With only three days to find the real culprit before vicious beasts come for their heads, Andy and Iris must figure out which Gods they can trust, or they’ll both end up dead. Gods & Lies is a Realm production, created and written by Elizabeth Vail. Listen Away. For more shows like this, visit Realm.fm

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